Kemampuan identifikasi Dini Anak Berkebutuhan Khusus di PAUD

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Linda Berta Sitompul
Desi Rantasari Martini
Desi Rantasari Martini



The study aimed to examine the ability of  early education teachers to identify earlier whether there are children with special needs in the classroom. The early identification ability in question is for children with special needs with Autistic Spectrum Disorder or Autism. The study was conducted on PAUD teachers in East Bekasi sub-district in Bekasi City, West Java. The population in this study consisted of 145 PAUD. The sample in the study used cluster random sampling and collected 104 teachers as respondents. Methods of data collection using a questionnaire with a choice using a Likert scale. Data were analyzed with descriptive quantitative in the form of percentages. The results showed that the teacher's ability to identify children with special needs was quite high. The results of the analysis show the ability in the high category as much as 79%. . The distribution of other results is the low category as much as 18% and the medium category as much as 3%. This high teacher ability is a good first step in preparing learning that is in accordance with the child's abilities so that the learning process and learning objectives can be achieved.


Keyword : Early Identification, Special Needs Children,  Autistic Spectrum Disorder






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Sitompul, L. B., Martini, D. R. ., & Martini, D. R. . (2021). Kemampuan identifikasi Dini Anak Berkebutuhan Khusus di PAUD. Jurnal Pendidikan Tambusai, 5(3), 7075–7080. Retrieved from
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